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2003 Hanwook Techno Glass Manufacture 7,425 Gyungbuk Gumi
  DECKHOUSE assembly SHELTER, STX ship Shipbuilding 4,479 Gyungnam Jinhae
  14. 24. 34 BAY, STX ship Shipbuilding 14,672 Gyungnam Jinhae
  Spintech remodeling Precision machinery 1,643 Gyungbuk Chilgok
  Daepoong factory, Ottogi Food manufacture 7,740 Chungbuk Eumseong
  3rd SHELTER, STX factory Shipbuilding 19,685 Gyungnam Jinhae
  Jain factory, Silla industry Precision machinery 2,576 Gyungbuk Gyungsan
  Gyungsan indoor tennis court Sports facility 1,559 Gyungbuk Gyungsan
  Gunhwa enterprise sealing factory Manufacture 4,800 Gyungnam Changwon
  Gumi factory, UMC Electronic parts 5,600 Gyungbuk Gumi
  Sewoon TNS Manufacture 3,268 Gyungbuk Jinryang
  Hwangsang-dong OO building construction Working facility 2,772 Gyungbuk Gumi
  Yangsan factory, Jinyang chemical Manufacture 13,184 Gyungnam Yangsan
  Bangchon-dong sales facility Shopping mall 1,312 Daegu
  Dae-a industry remodeling Manufacture 4,539 Gyungbuk Gumi
  Jeda-2nd factory remodeling Manufacture 1,307 Gyungbuk Jain
  Daewoo INTĄŻL PU building Manufacture 11,000 Busan
  Daesin remodeling Manufacture 400 Gyungbuk Dalseong
  #43. 44 BAY, STX ship Shipbuilding 9,326 Gyungnam Jinhae
  Namsan factory, Silla industry Manufacture 2,338 Gyungbuk Gyungsan
  Roof or wall panel remodeling construction of ENPACO Shipping plant   Gyungnam Changwon
  Hanwook techno glass (2nd) Electronic parts 13,286 Gyungbuk Gum
2004 Distribution warehouse remodeling, Dongil transportation Distribution Warehouse 11,035 Gyungbuk Gyungsan
  Sea hall remodeling steel-frame work, STX ship Shipbuilding 1,955 Gyungnam Jinhae
  Sunyoung chemical factory remodeling Manufacture 7,614 Chungbuk Cheongju
  Youngpoong or Mungyung branch remodeling Toll gate   Gyungbuk Mungyung
  LPG TANK factory remodeling, STX ship Shipbuilding 8,201
Gyungnam Changwon
  Dongbang industry factory remodeling Manufacture 1,078  
  Neulpureun sungmo hospital joint center Hospital 2,951 Daegu
  Changwon processing factory construction Shipbuilding 12,258 Gyungnam Changwon
  Gimcheon factory, Yuhan-kimberly Manufacture 2,411 Gyungbuk Gimcheon
  Oesam vehicle cargo, Daejeon Vehicle cargo 8,916 Daejeon
  Sungjin MOIVING SHELTER (#3 building) Manufacture 6,580 Ulsan
  Taean heating power #7, 8 plant Plant 6,169 Chungnam Taean
  Gumi factory, Inditech Manufacture 2,880 Gyungbuk Gumi
  Samho heavy industry remodeling Manufacture   Jeonnam Yeosu
  Boryung chemical #7, 8 plant comprehensive warehouse Plant 5,400 Chungnam Boryung
  Sungmyung girls' middle school gymnasium remodeling Gymnasium 727 Daegu
  Daegyung A/S warehouse construction Manufacture 8,050 Seongju
  STX heavy industry remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  MB Shiroyama #3 factory remodeling Manufacture 2,548 Daegu
  Gimcheon factory, Pntel Manufacture 7,330 Gyungbuk Gimcheon
  Daejeon factory, Yuhan-kimberly Manufacture 2,918 Daejeon
  STX engine Large-scale factory regular BED remodeling Shipbuilding 1,148 Gyungnam Changwon
2005 STX heavy industry processing factory remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  SKID VARGE remodeling Shipbuilding    
  STX heavy industry wastes storage construction Manufacture   Gyungnam Changwon
  Samwoo Memco factory construction Manufacture 9,590 Chungnam Cheonan
  Waegwan factory construction, Daehwa Manufacture 4,359 Gyungbuk Waegwan
  CR-KOREA remodeling Manufacture 3,455 Daegu
  E, F building construction, Ulsal cargo terminal Cargo terminal 8,660 Ulsan
  Onsan factory construction, Dooi Manufacture 1,150 Ulsan
  Banwol plant subsidiary turbine remodeling Plant   Gyunggi Banwol
  Park golf practice center construction Sports facility 3,888 Daegu
  Seohae building construction Working facility   Daegu
  Waegwan factory remodeling, Daehwa Manufacture 835 Gyungbuk Waegwan
  Jeda factory construction Manufacture 7,560 Gyungbuk Jain
  Waegwan factory construction, Wolsan Manufacture 3,090 Gyungbuk Waegwan
  36 ships dry-foundation construction Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  Daepoong ottogi distribution center Manufacture 5,100 Chungbuk Eumseong
  Electric room, Daepoong ottogi distribution center Manufacture   Chungbuk Eumseong
  STX ship factory withdrawl and moving construction Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Jinhae
  STX heavy industry office remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  STX large-scale processing production line remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  STX engine assembly factory remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  Onsan factory, Daegyung technology Manufacture 2,290 Ulsan
  Gyungsan factory construction, Daehan tech Manufacture 3,775 Gyungbuk Gyungsan
  STX large-scale processing production line remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  Dalseong factory, Jinsung heavy industry Manufacture 3,776 Daegu
  Hanwook techno glass, 2nd factory Manufacture 27,190 Gumi Industrial complex
  Eogok-dong Gyungil distribution warehouse Distribution Warehouse 11,117 Gyungnam Yangsan
  Heungdeok industry factory construction Manufacture 1,696 Chungbuk Cheongwon-gun
  Dongseo electronics remodeling Manufacture 2,479 Gyungbuk Gumi
  STX large-scale processing line remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  STX engine operating room remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  STX 36 ships dry-foundation construction Shipbuilding   yungnam Jinhae
  #807-7, 807-8 Eogok-dong reference building construction Distribution Warehouse   Gyungnam Yangsan
  Gyungnam Industry factory construction Manufacture 5,940 Gyungnam Changnyoung
  STX enpaco modling factory 100TON crane remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Changwon
  STX ship factory crane RAIL remodeling Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Jinhae
  STX ship UPPER DECK 1st assembly shelter moving construction Shipbuilding   Gyungnam Jinhae